2005-2014 N70 Toyota Hilux

2005-2014 N70 Toyota Hilux non abs Onboard Air Compressor Mount - Engine Bay

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SUITS: 2005-2014 N70 Toyota Hilux non ABS 

If you have VSC (vehicle stability control) find the right one here

Utilise the free space in your engine bay with and onboard air compressor! Easy Installation and uses only existing bolts/holes and includes all hardware!

Compressed air can be used for things such as; Inflating tyres, Air lockers, Air springs, Tools, Winch freespool and more!

Spending big money on a High quality ARB air compressor, you want it mounted right. Our stainless steel On-board air compressor mounts are SOLID and mounted in the most convenient spaces.

This Bracket is made from stainless steel so it will not rust.

Optional Extras:

ARB CKMA12/CKMTA12: CKMA12 is ARB's Single pump air compressor and CKMTA12 is the higher flowing twin pump version. This mounting kit was designed specifically for both of these options, a match made in heaven! If you don't already own a compressor, add this to ensure you're ready to go as soon as the bracket arrives.

Switch/Outlet Mounting bracket: Stainless Steel bracket to mount the supplied ARB outlet and switch cleanly alongside your compressor

ARB Onboard Air Intake relocation: Protect your compressor's breather from dust, water and debris by relocating it inside the cabin!

Outlet Protector: A CNC'd aluminium fitting designed to keep dust and debris out of your air outlet. This dust and debris can cause damage to your outlet and any tools you connect, the protector helps to mitigate these effects by keeping the outlet clean when not in use!