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TJM Pro Series Twin Onboard Air Compressor

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The TJM Pro Series Twin Air Compressor can be installed in your vehicle using one of Scrub Kings vehicle specific mounting solutions and includes a full wiring harness.

Stay ahead of the pack with a TJM Pro Series Twin Air Compressor. It delivers a blazing 170 litres-per-minute for lightning-fast inflation, which is made possible thanks to its powerful internal componentry and advanced convection cooling system (patent pending). Each TJM Pro Series Twin Air Compressor’s exterior is constructed from a careful combination of cast and extruded aluminium. This seamless anodised exterior provides superior protection for its oversized internals, hard-anodised cylinder bore and Teflon-impregnated piston seal. The Pro Series Twin can be mounted vertically or horizontally, while it includes multiple tyre inflation points, auxiliary ports and a Pressure Cut-Out switch for exceptional utility.