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Quad Lock MAG Head

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Integrate the Quad Lock MAG™ Head to your Quad Lock® Car or Desk Mounts.


Strong hold magnets will keep your phone in place during use around the home, office or in the car. The Quad Lock® interface and magnet array ensures you always mount your phone straight, in either portrait or landscape orientation.


The Quad Lock MAG™ Head will fit seamlessly into your setup with it's slim profile, matte black finish glass filled nylon housing and black zinc coated screw.

  • 1 x Quad Lock MAG™ Head
  • 1 x 3mm Hex (Allen) key in black zinc
  • 1 x M5 x 16mm Countersunk head hex socket screw in black

Please note:
*Quad Lock MAG™ Head requires use of a Quad Lock MAG™ Case or MAG Universal Adaptor