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4P Streamline Water-Resistant Switch Panel

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4P Streamline Water-Resistant Switch Panel & Stainless Steel Box

Ready to install in your Canopy or Boat

4P Streamline Water-resistant LED Switch Panel with Circuit Breakers

Come with the IP66 C-7 sealed rocker Switches, these switch panels can withstand even severe weather conditions than the C-6 Water-resistant Switch Panel. The contemporary streamlined faceplate design offers style for boat owners who do not want to settle for the ordinary metal faceplate designs.

  • Unique streamlined faceplate design
  • IP66– protects against water jets from all directions (when mounted)
  • Push-reset circuit breakers with rubber boots
  • Illuminated (LED) C-7rocker switches with dual voltage rating (12V / 24V)Watertight mounting gasket included
  • 30 pcs assorted label set included
  • Faceplate | Streamline shaped plastic (ABS)
  • Circuit Protection | Circuit Breakers
  • Switch Ratings | 20A @ DC 12V / 10A @ DC 24V (Dual Voltage)
  • Panel Rating | Max Cumulative Amp: 45A (Max possible Amperage for each panel is determined by the lower of total switches ratings or the Max Cumulative Amperage listed above)